Just Like the Real Things BG – Starting the teak coat

Needing a bit of an escape from recent forum politics and not wanting to do anything that required too much in the way of thinking I made a start on ‘teaking’ the full brake.

Working from a photo I found on the web I darkened the ends and some upper panels on each side using Vallejo Burnt Umber applied by flat brush and then a few other panels were darkened using Vallejo Flat earth which is my go to colour for LNER coaching stock brown. This is lighter than the burnt umber but darker than the Just Like The Real Thing teak undercoat.

Then I made a start on adding the many layers of Ronseal Teak interior varnish that will eventually make up the coach finish.

The Start of the teaking process on the JLRT BG
JLRT BG Start of the teaking process

Once all the varnish is applied and I am happy with the overall finish I will mask off and spray the roof.

JLRT Gresley Diagram 113 Full Brake coach

Somewhat embarrassingly, I have had a JLRT Gresley Diagram 113 full brake sat on the edge of my workbench for the last couple of years. it had stalled at the final fitting of the roof stage.

On Sunday morning Chris asked me if I was ever going to finish it (it was a Christmas gift from her:scratchchin:) So late morning I got stuck into fitting the roof and by the end of the day I had not only fitted the roof I had added most of the underframe fittings too – I had prepared the buffer beams a couple of years ago.
So here it is sat on a pair of borrowed bogie – I put the original Gresley bogies supplied under my first Kirk Parcels van build – I have a pair of Newbould Models 8.0′ Fox to go under this but they need making up.

7mm Scale D113 BG – JLRT

7mm Scale D113 BG – JLRT

I hope to make more rapid progress on this going forward….