Stanier Tender Tank Vents – Replacements for castings

Needing a break after redrawing the firebox for the Princess I decided to do a bit of machining for therapy.
I noted on the two recent Stanier tender builds that despite having brass castings for the vent pipes, none of the castings were that great and needed work to make them usable. The late David Smith (DLOS as he was known) always turned replacements and I decided to have a go myself.

Before starting I decided to have a look in my Finney Duchess kit to see what the casings were like.
I don’t know why but I was slightly surprised that the vent castings were whitemetal.
Now it’s worth noting my kit came from Martin Finney himself some time before the Finney 7 Team took over, so they may have upgraded the castings in the meantime. On the basis that I am not that wild about whitemetal castings I thought that making replacements for the Finney tender would be a good place to start.

I imported a snip of a GA into Fusion and used that to create myself a sketch which I then generated into a working drawing using the the drawings function in Fusion

One thing to note is that the drawing classes itself as one of your allowed 10 editable designs.

Finney Vent Casting
Home Turned Stanier Tender Vents
Finney Stanier Tank Vents alongside home turned examples

I also have a Rebuilt Scot in the pile so I did a second pair for that while I was on with it.

Don’t get your hopes up for this build to start anytime soon though, sorry.