The chassis

The next step was to clean up and test fit the chassis components

First up was to fit the horn guides and compensation beams

This kit is a joy all the parts fit and accurate slots and tabs hold it all together before taking the plunge to solder in place.

The next shots show the frame spacers and the ash pan assembled once again dry fitted no soldering yet..

Making a start.

When you buy the MOK LMS 8F kit you get a fair bit for your money, Sheets and sheets of etches, 8 bags of lovely lost wax castings and a few white metal castings .

This is the first sheet of etchings to be tackled.

Here are a couple of shots of the horn guides and the compensation beams made up ready to attach to the chassis.

Nellie, fully dressed in all her finery…

Well here she is in all her LNER green glory….

My first finished attempt (the A3 is still work in progress) at lined green LNER livery. Done using the combination of Transfers, Bow Pen,  Bow Compass, and Peter Spoorer lining pen (Like a Bob Moore but cheaper). Lot’s of experimentation with paint thickness’s and a fantastic learning curve. Who would have thought that you could get away with leaving the lid of a can of paint for 2 days let alone that it would make it better to use…..





Time for Tea!

Some time ago when I made the oil can for my J63 from a few scraps of brass someone asked about a tea billy – well I didn’t make one but I discovered by chance a set of castings   that included one From Here – a bit fiddly to paint and the photo is a very cruel close up.

The castings from Peter Roles are only a fiver and when I sent a cheque off for some they were sent by return of post without waiting for the cheque to clear.

A little under the weather

While I have been beavering away painting my back log of rolling stock builds Chris has been weathering some of the ones that I have finished putting the transfers on.

The Meat van and the cattle wagon are both from the Plastic Parkside kit range and the Implement wagon is one of Connoisseur Models brass kits. The tractor is from Universal Hobbies suitably toned down…..

And last but not least my favourite photo from the latest batch.