Something to renew the modelling mojo

A lot has been going on at work recently which has reduced my modelling mojo with regard to the 06 (and modelling in general) . So I decided that I might try something different and that something being my Metalsmith turntable kit.

It’s for a Ransomes and Rapier 70′ table and this is what you get in the kit. This is the kit itself and the additional turntable installation kit.

This is how far I got in a very short space of time. The nickel spacers were folded up and soldered. and a couple of bearings were soldered into the centre bottom spacer. The rest just screws together…

After dinner I will start on the riveted angle plates. I expect that these will take a little longer to make progress.

The Beauty of MOK kits

In between fiddling about with the valve gear I have also made up the front of the frames. At this point only the laminates of the frame extensions/lifting rings and the frames/cages that support the back of the buffers are soldered. All the rest is just held together with the slots and tabs. It really does make it easy when it all fits as it should and it is self supporting while you apply the solder.

Valve gear modifications

I haven’t had much time recently so progress has been a bit intermittant. I have been working my way slowly through the valve gear and following Richard Lambert’s example on another forum (not as nice as his efforts though). I have modified some of the bits so that they are a bit more prototypical. I am using the combination of the best bits from the kit and the premier rods. The mods are creating a fork on the ends of radius rod (Premier), creating the forked ends on the union links (MOK)

I didn’t have any scale hardware nut heads of the right size (and funds are a little tight at the moment) so I made do with just putting a piece of scrap etch in the bottom of the expansion link.

Its probably not that visible in the photo but as Richard had to move the oiler from the side to the front on his cast combination lever. Mine being etched didn’t have any at all. But a couple of pieces from some 2mm (I think but haven’t measured) brass bar have done the trick (to the naked eye at any rate).