A moment that I was dreading….

Not much has been happening on the workbench of late due to DIY/Gardening and general lack of Mojo :0(

One of this things that has been done is one of those things that I was dreading and which when I finally plucked up the courage to have a go at it went very smoothly and easily.

What I was dreading was soldering the two pieces together in between the whitemetal fingers.

LNER A3 Papyrus 001 LNER A3 Papyrus 002 LNER A3 Papyrus 004
How I achieved it was:
I fastened both arms to the links to the rods together with the 16ba nut and bolt provided. The ends of each are half thickness to create a lap joint. I then bolted one end to the frame spacer and held the two half lapped ends together with a pair of cranked locking tweezers.
Next using a tip that I picked up on one of Richard Lambert’s threads I cut some strips of kitchen paper and folded them so that they would fit down either side of the area to be soldered and wet them with a pipette after using tweezers to position them. Once the whitemetal at both sides was suitably protected, flux was applied to the joint; a quick in and out with the soldering iron tinned with 145 degree solder and the job was done.

Hopefully the 3 photos show the various positions as the valve gear moves.