In interesting sideline

I am still waiting patiently for the drawing to arrive from the NRM (now a week beyond the extra week that they said it would take). I decided to have a tidy up and re-arrange on the work bench. having spent a couple of hours doing that I thought that I would do something small to see how the new arrangement worked – I have swapped my cutting mat and glass sheet that I solder on around to give more room for cutting.

My little project was these.

LNER F8 003 LNER F8 004

I have some of the very nice CPL castings in stock but I wanted to try to make something that looked a little more North Eastern in origins.

They are made from brass 10ba nuts, brass washers and the pin shanks from the heads that I used for the rivets on the frames – hows that for recycling? You may wonder why brass? It was because I only had 10ba steel nuts, no washers so I thought that I would test my idea for making them in brass before buying in some steel washers.

Now that I have the route to making them – which is quite easy and doesn’t involve precision drilling with small drill bits I will do a small photo sequence of how I made them.

They do look a little rough around them edges when magnified so much to to the naked eye they look fine – I could do a comparison of both these and the CPLS ones later too.