Newbould Models Gresley Restaurant Triplet Set

The NBR BG has been on hold for a while because I have been waiting for a friend to sort out a roof for it (who was in turn waiting for another friend etc.) I collected it at Telford earlier this month so I will progress that once the CCT leaves the bench.

In the meantime to wet appetites I thought that I would share another Telford acquisition which came quite out of the blue from a chance query.

Earlier in the year I bought a set of etches for a Gresley Restaurant triplet set from CPL and I was in discussions with both Rupert Brown and Peter Dobson about etches for the underframes and roof parts etc. I can get some of Rupert’s underframes from Wizard Models but Andrew needs to sort them out and Peter Dobson although having wound up newbould models as a business is still supplying bits and pieces and had done a test etch for the underframes but had never progressed them. I had arranged with Peter to bring some Gresley bogies to Telford for my CPL set and he said would I like to see his test etch underframes to which I said certainly.

It turned out that not only had he done a test etch for the underframes but also for the bodies as well but he had taken them so far an then popped them aside. Having had a look at them I asked since he hadn’t touched them for quite some time, if he would sell them ‘as is’ and a deal was struck.

This is what I got for the money:

IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6906 IMG_6907 IMG_6908 IMG_6909 IMG_6910

Also included were the remaining partitions for the restaurant cars and some etched tables. And hidden away under the tissue paper in one of the boxes was a very nicely finished Kemilway roof – so now I know what they should look like and can be made to look like…. note to self must try harder!

More Underframe Malarky

With the Timber wagons off the bench I returned to the CCT.

First I added the brake levers and guards


Then the instructions said mount the Westinghouse cylinder centrally the drawing being 2D only showed it as being central across the V hangers not which side it sat so I found a square of brass that would mount across the floor void and then I though that perhaps the cylinder would be supported by straps so I made some up followed by a bit of pipework leading to the Westinghouse pump. Having done all that I may have it the wrong way around but it’s not likely to be seen so it can stay as it is (mainly because I have had to resolder the vacuum cylinder back on once already due to the heat from solder the mounting plate in place melting the 70 degree solder that I mounted it with).


Next I had a look at the spring hangers and initially I was a little confused because they come cat in pairs on a mounting block (see the bottom of the photo below). The problem being once you have things like truss rods and brake lever guards etc. soldered to the solebars there is no way on earth that the chunky mounting block will fit any where near – not to mention the rocking mechanism.

My (rather tedious) solution has been to cut them with my piercing saw to make them fit on top/behind the solebars. Two down two more to go this evening……