D&S GCR-LNER CCT almost ready for painting.

Modelling time has been in short supply for two or three weeks due to me going on course for work next week and having quite a bit of pre-course studying to do. On Thursday night after I had go to the I am reading it but it’s no longer going in stage I decided that I needed a bit of modelling to keep me sane.

In an hour and a half at the bench I managed to all but finish the CCT. All I need to do now is work out where the three pipes go on each end, add them, blacken the couplings and it’s ready for painting.


IMG_7088 IMG_7089 IMG_7087

Dragon Models Avery Tool Van Ready for the Paint Shop!

A session last night saw the tool van finished. Strictly speaking I think that it should have screw couplings rather than three links but I didn’t have any in and I can always change them later.

IMG_7075 IMG_7077 IMG_7078 IMG_7080

In the instructions George makes mention of a chain and peg to hold the doors shut. I reasoned that a tool van might have something a bit more secure so I decided to make a couple of padlocks. This proved easier to say than to do – I had just nicely filed them to shape when one flew off into space so I put the other on one side in disgust. A couple of days later after turning the workbench and floor upside down I noticed the missing lock caught in the hem of my apron….. I then had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at soldering a loop on
the top.

But when I had finished adding the last bit’s and pieces last night I decided to have one last attempt before abandoning the idea and to my surprise and delight each one soldered without problem.


More on the NBR-LNER Avery Tool van

Just to offer a little more background on these vans, as I understand it four of these vans were converted from the standard 8ton Jubilee Van for use by Avery’s in order to service and maintain the many weighing scales in use at stations on the NBR. According to the information supplied with the kit they had workbenches, store cupboards and even a rivet stove installed – I am a little intrigued by the latter because there is no chimney. Back when I was a butcher we used Avery scales and they were maintained by Avery – sadly the guys came in an Escort van rather than an NBR Jubilee:) Here’s where I got to on Thursday night.


IMG_7071 IMG_7072 IMG_7073 IMG_7074

Dragon Models NBR/LNER Avery Tool Van

I was away on holiday for most of October so the bench has been a bit quiet. It was my birthday while I was away and Chris bought me some wagon kits. This meant (and I am sure it wont come as any surprise to some) that when I got back instead of finishing the CCT I started one of the birthday wagons – This is another from Dragon models Celtic connection range (former Majestic models). in the form of an Avery Tool Van

I haven’t taken any photos until now as the construction was similar to the CCT. The one change that I have made is that I tried to make the roof removable using the same method as the CCT but I couldn’t get it to sit down properly and after trying re-rolling it a couple of times I gave up and soldered it on.

This is the state of play and I hope to have it on it’s wheels and pretty much finished with a fair wind tonight.

IMG_7068 IMG_7069 IMG_7070