Braking News, Revisited, No it’s not Revisionist History!

As described in the last post I made an error in the assembly of the brakes this was due to a combination of things that may not necessarily affect other builders of the kit – somewhat basic instructions, combined with my lack of knowledge of the prototype and struggling to find a photo of a B16/1 that shows how they fit. And finally because the kit had been started lots of the etches had been cut up and finding some of the bits has been a bit challenging – The second lever that I needed to connect the brake pull rod to was attached to a small scrap of etch that I found by chance in the bottom of the box.

Hopefully this will assist anyone when they get to this point in their kit.

NB my subscription to PhotoBucket seems to be retaining my images at present so I will continue to use it. If it goes pear shaped all the images are available on Flickr and I do have back ups so I can re-instate them on this thread at least.

This is where I had got to in my ignorance last week.

Gladiator B16-1 brakes when done wronglys

Gladiator B16-1 brakes when done wrongly

This is what it should have looked like – this is a crop from a photo of an NER V Class, which is referred to in the instructions as having the same backhead details as the B16 it was only after spending sometime studying the backhead that I realised that it also showed how the brake gear fits at the cab end.

Then this is the result of last night’s efforts – I had to add a representation of a slack adjuster to make up for my shortening the shaft previously

Gladiator B16-1 revised brake arrangement

Gladiator B16-1 revised brake arrangement

Finally not the best shot in the world but it does look more like the real thing now

Gladiator B16-1 revised brake arrangement