Cattle wagons roll…

While I haven’t had much to post recently I have been beavering away at a couple of projects the first of them being a couple of Parkside LNER Fitted Cattle wagons. One of them I built some time ago but I recently built another and I have then made a start on weathering them.

This is the inside of one of them as it was before I added a few more rust stains around the blot heads – I have tried to go for a look of regular scrubbing of the inside. Scrubbed wood is something that I am very familiar with because in a former life I was a butcher and scrubbing the wooden cutting block was a daily feature of my work. This particular wagon is the one that I did originally and it was painted with Halfords Red Oxide primer and satin varnished before adding the transfers

For completeness this is the second recently built one which was painted with Vallejo Game Color Dark Fleshtone and again satin varnished before the transfers.
IMG_6023IMG_6256 IMG_6261 IMG_6260 IMG_6259 IMG_6258 IMG_6257

I have used two differing techniques on the exteriors with these – the first one was made grubby and work stained using a mixture of Vallejo black, Flat Earth and Dark Sea Grey which was painted on and then cut back with meths.

The second had a couple of wash coats of dark fleshtone, german orange and cream to lighten and fade the base colour before applying the mix above for the grubby in service look.
I still need to paint the roofs and sort out couplings for one of them – and fill them with cattle of course.