“Braking” the Timber and Ore wagons….

As I mentioned in my last post, the next job was to sort out the brakes which are one sided on these wagons – they usually ran in pairs giving access to a brake from either side.

This is what was provided in the two kits – the casting with the base being the Majestic offering and the rest came with the Dragon kit.

The idea being that you solder the brass strip to one of the brake shoes with a few spares in case of accidents.

Me being me, I didn’t really fancy that so I went for a strip of scrap etch bent to shape and some modified etched shoes from the spares box (suitably filed to an approximation of the cast shoes).

My apologies for the rather poor first photo the camera kept trying to focus on something else…..

IMG_6693 IMG_6697

I also managed to get the lever made up for one of them but the work bench “ate” the locking nut for the second so more scrap etch needed for a replacement…..