Another one (two) ready for the paint shop.

Last night saw the Timber and Ore Wagons completed.


The chains that hold the sides up severely tried my eyesight and patience – my £7 magnifying specs really came to the rescue! The rings that hold the chains on the ends were spare rope rings from the Connoisseur sand wagon kit. The fine chain is from Slaters (David Parkins kindly pointed me at the source after using the fine chain in the MMP Glass Wagon).


IMG_6700 IMG_6701

On the one photo that I have seen there are quite prominent wagon plates on the sides. I am not sure if these were replaced by the LMS but I found four badly etched loco build plates that looked about the right size and added them. Once they are painted and lost under some weathering they should look the part.
IMG_6702 IMG_6703

Next up is the paint shop.