Dragon Models NBR-LNER Twin Gas Tank Wagon

A quiet day at home resulted in my getting the timber wagons into primer – two colours no less. I have read a few posts about people using black primer for underframes so I gave it a go along with grey for the bodywork.

Then I made a start on the next one which is another Dragon kit. This one is the NBR/LNER ‘twin’ tank travelling gas wagon. I emphasise the twin because I have asked Chris Basten if he can supply another kit with an extra tank so that I can do a triple tanked version too.

This is another one that originated in the Majestic models stable and so far the tanks have made up very nicely. The only adjustment that I needed to make was on the outer tank wrapper which has two half etched edges to make a smooth seam. When I tried them the left too much of a gap between the wrapper and the cylinder so I cut of one of the half etches plus an extra 0.5mm this allowed for a much better fit and the slight overlap from the remaining half etched section is hidden under the tank.

What has come as a bit of a surprise based on the other former Majestic kits that I have built is that the bulk of it is etched (I had in my mind that the chassis was cast much like the 4mm SE Finecast versions that I built previously – perhaps that’s where the false idea came from….).

IMG_6704 IMG_6705

All the rivet strips are separate items giving a nicely reinforced appearance.