Support and Guidance, if you will for give the pun…

I spent yesterday and part of today putting together the support frames/guide wheels that allow the bridge to rotate. This has been the hardest bit of the build so far and that wasn’t hard so much as fiddly. It took a few goes to get the end U sections soldered square across the I beams with the right width at either end and that’s despite having a template to bolt across it. The instructions suggest assembling this on a piece of glass which I did I still ended up stripping the wheels/bearings back of one of these to give it a further rub down to ensure that the guide wheels rotate freely.

Then most fiddly of all was getting all the 16ba screws/nuts on – all 48 of them. The instructions suggest having the nuts uppermost as being most prototypical.

How I managed this was to feed a couple of 16ba screws through from below. I used some short pieces of coffee stirrer wedged in to hold them in place while I fit the brass bearing in place over it. You need to be careful that you pair these up correctly of they don’t fit – guess who had to take some of and start again to discover this……

Not having any 16ba nut runners I folded a loop on a piece of brass wire that passed through the nut. I used this to pick up and place the nut and then prodded,/tightened the nut onto the protruding thread with a cocktail stick finally tightening with a pair of pliers.

Which gave me these.

I also managed to get all the handrail/walkway support brackets folded and soldered up. The next job is to clean up all the cast brass handrail pillars and then open out the holes in the brackets to accept these.

The clear plastic plates are to insulate the guide wheels from the bridge