Connoissuer NBR/LNER 20 Ton Brake Van

Work on the turntable has come to a temporary halt. It’s almost ready for painting but I need to change the filters on my spray booth extractor.

So to keep my hand in, I started this kit on Saturday. It’s one that my good lady bought me for Christmas last year – a Connoisseur North British 20 ton brake van.

NBR Brake Van 004 NBR Brake Van 003 NBR Brake Van 012

Jim only provides a floor for the veranda section (not really a veranda on this one but you get the idea). So I made one up from some brass sheet. To bring it to the same level as the other floor I used some spare angle bracket from the turntable. Waste nowt!

NBR Brake Van 006 NBR Brake Van 007

And inside the van

NBR Brake Van 011 NBR Brake Van 010 NBR Brake Van 005

I reinforced the roof with some square section nickel bar to make it clip into the roof. I will also add some longer springy bits down the sides to help the middle sit down properly.

NBR Brake Van 014

I also added some scrap etch strip to the back of the step supports and the brake brackets.

NBR Brake Van 013

This is where I got to last night.

Today while sitting in the smallest room in the house, I had the thought. [i]”I wonder if I have any photo’s in my Tatlow LNER Wagons volumes that might give me any missing details.”[/i] Have you ever wished that you’d had that thought earlier……?

Tatlow revealed a second set of handrails below those on the non veranda end. Not too difficult to add thought I. Then I noticed the very distinctive curved ends to the vertical handrails and the fact that they don’t sit at 90% to the side of the van.

NBR Brake van

Oh Bovver!!! Says I.

So the next job tonight is to see if I can make a jig to bend 4 of those – before I take the ones I made earlier off.