Small Steps, Quite Literally!

Last night saw more small steps – quite literally in that I made up the rather nifty etched steps for the Tevan

Parkside Tevan Steps

Then I did a bit more on the V4 brake van getting the floor cut and fitted ready for soldering in once I have fitted the brake gear etc. – I made the floor from a scrap etched part and I have yet to decide whether to fill the holes with rod or leave them. – There are only 5 and they are less than a mm in diameter and will they be seen with the roof on, I doubt it.

Connoisseur NER V4 Brake Van

I also made a couple of inserts for above the veranda which once soldered in place will increase the gluing area for sticking the roof on once painted.

Connoisseur NER V4 Brake Van