V4 Brake Van Interior Details

In between doing bits and pieces on the Kirk coaches I have been making slow progress on the V4 brake van.

I have been fortunate to have been given access to a couple of GA’s by fellow member Dave, which show a hearth and heat shielding around the area where the stove sits.

A raid of the scrap etch box yielded this – the hole in the bottom it where the stove will bolt down.

7mm scale Brake van interior details

And me, being me couldn’t resist making the coat hook to go with a lamp iron that hung to either side of the chimney.

7mm Scale coat Hook

7mm Scale coat Hook

Now I mentioned that I have two GA’s and this is where life gets a little odd. One of them shows 3’7″ wheels which is what Jim recommends in the kit and the other shows 3’1″ wheels. Even more odd is the fact that when trying to fit the 3’7″ wheels they rub on the underside of the solebars. Plan B is to try some 3’1″ wheels and check out the ride height.