A mistake in my eagerness!

Seeing this kit advertised I focussed upon the “LMS Design” element of the description not upon the build date so subsequently I have a wagon that doesn’t fit with my modelling timeline so as a few shows are imminent I thought that I would build it to sell to raise a bit of cash.

Here are a few shots of progress so far.

BR Pipe Wagon 007 BR Pipe Wagon 005 BR Pipe Wagon 004 BR Pipe Wagon 003


A friend who built one of these had casting that had not witness marks for drilling out the axle boxes – I was lucky mine were nicely cast!BR Pipe Wagon 002 Almost all the add on parts for this kit are cast white metal, despite planning to sell it I have scratch built the most vulnerable parts – so far these have been: guard irons, coupling hooks (Connoisseur beefed up with scrap etch).BR Pipe Wagon 005 BR Pipe Wagon 004 BR Pipe Wagon 003 I also managed to melt one of the plates that cover where the coupling hook goes through the buffer beams so I made a couple of those too. The next bit of scratch building was the brake cross beam. The cast one was too short so I cut off the cast arm that goes to the vacuum cylinder and made a new rod from copper tube and brass rod.BR Pipe Wagon 002 The next issue on mine was the tie bars between the axle boxes they are etched and have dimples for the rivets/bolts. I pressed them out before testing against the wagon and the bolt heads were out of line so I remade them from some scrap nickel strip.BR Pipe Wagon 001


I also added a spare MMP etched plate – not quite right for the wagon in terms of it’s detail but infinitely better than the cast blob provided in the kit

BR Pipe Wagon 007

The next problem which my friend also encountered was that the cast brakes are not long enough to fit close enough to the wheels – the next job is working out the best way to make them fit…..