DJH 4mm Scale Highland Barney Construction Finished

Yesterday I pretty much finished the construction of the Barney. It still needs hand rails and the motor fitting sadly despite much grinding away underneath which allowed the motion to move freely as soon as I added the brakes to the chassis they created more clearance problems.

DJH 4mm Highland Barney Loco Almost Completed

I made up another vac pipe for the front.

Modified by CombineZP

And finally one of the quite prominent things on this particular loco are the injector(?) pipes that go into the top of the firebox either side of the whistle which were conspicuously absent from the kit.

DJH 4mm Highland Barney Scratch Built Injector Pipes

I did my usual trick of filing up thin walled tube tube to make the unions and added them to .8mm rod to make a representation of the pipe work.