David Andrews Princess – Prototyping The Front Crank Pin ‘nut’

Steeping back slightly, I was asked by a fellow GOG member on the forum how I planned to tackle the front crank pin ‘nut’. Initially I hadn’t a clue how I was going to do it other than probably reversing a crankpin bush. As I was pondering on how to reply to the enquiry I had the germ of an idea.

I had a go at a proof of concept this morning after my lightbulb moment when replying last night.

This is what we are looking for (just in case you needed a reminder)

Front Crankpin Nut

This was my first attempt, I think that there was a slight bend in my bit of spare 8ba stud as it didn’t machine each face evenly and the nut/stud portion was far too big

David Andrews Princess Front Crank Pin – first attempt

After a coffee break I reversed the short length of stud and had another go.

David Andrews Princess Front Crank Pin
David Andrews Princess Front Crank Pin

And yes it should have a cotter/split pin….