North British Railway D71 Bogie Brake Coach

A recent Ebay buy was a Bill Bedford kit for a NBR/LNER D71 BG, I say “kit” but it’s more sides ends and underframe. One evening I needed a bit of a distraction from rolling the tumblehome for the second Kemilway so I thuoght I would see how well the BB kit went together.

The sides are in two halves that are lap jointed a bit like Comet 4mm LNER coach sides if anyone has ever made them. I have to say that they go together very positively and were a joy to solder up. The sides themselves are nicely etched but the one thing that all the parts suffer from is that where there are holes for slots/tabs or door handles etch they are all etched too big.

In order to support the solebars I made up some brackets shaped like this


IMG_5510 (533x800) IMG_5509 (533x800)

There are some etched battery boxes included but the details was a bit 2D so I made up some hinge detail from scrap etch and 0.5mm wire.

IMG_5499 (800x534) IMG_5498 (800x534)

Next up I created the tumblehome. back up the thread I offered to detail how I do this so I took the opportunity to take step by step photos while doing it.

First stick a strip of 2″ masking tape to just below the windows.

IMG_5500 (800x401)

Place your piece of rod on the remaining strip of masking tape and roll it around until it’s stuck to the rod and up against the bottom of your side.

IMG_5502 (800x446) IMG_5503 (800x352)

Then continue to roll gently but firmly and the tape pulls the side into a curve.

IMG_5506 (800x533)


IMG_5504 (533x800) IMG_5508 (533x800)


And there you have it.

Regards Rob