NBR D71 part 2

I am still sidelined by the NBR BG. :0)

One of the three battery boxes provided is actually split into two smaller boxes and as such does have any ends supplied. I made some from scrap etch to fill the gap basing them on the out ends which are provided.

IMG_5526 (800x602) IMG_5525 (800x601)


IMG_5518 (800x603)IMG_5519 (800x534) IMG_5520 (800x641)

next up is a shot of the guard’s ducket which is included but which needs the ends to be rolled very tightly in order to get it to fit nicely – the ends have half etched lines on the back to assist with this.

IMG_5523 (800x600)

And the rear view – so far I haven’t soldered it, it’s held by the tabs.

IMG_5524 (800x600)

And finally the door handle and hinge detail. I had some nice cast T handles in stock but the longer guards lever handles I made from 0.8mm wire annealed and flattened in a pair of smooth jawed pliers. because as I mentioned earlier all the etched holes are a bit on the big side I had to make and escutcheon plate to cover the hole and for the hinges I used folded scrap etc pinched together in the pliers to fill the hole and give a nice hinge representation.

IMG_5521 (800x600)IMG_5522 (800x600)