NBR D71 BG – problem solving

The problem solving juices were flowing nicely last night!

I have sorted a way to fasten on the upper step boards by folding strips of scrap etch around the half etched tabs (bearing in mind the size of the etched holes these would have been much better if they were full thickness not half etched – I cannot fathom the thinking behind having something that essentially provides support, half etched) and leaving a longer bit underneath as extra support (on all except the three centre ones where the supports for the lower step boards will go).

Hopefully the photos below will illustrate this better than I can describe it.

IMG_5532 (800x484) IMG_5531 (800x573) IMG_5530 (800x678) IMG_5529 (800x428) IMG_5528 (800x533) IMG_5527 (800x339)

At the moment the one side that I fitted last night is just a press fit and to be honest I could probably get away without soldering it, it’s that good a fit.

IMG_5534 (800x695)

Above are the coach ends as supplied and I was thinking about scratch building some gangway doors when I had a bit of a light bulb moment. In some of the Kemilway kits there are two or three outer ends representing various changes over the life of the vehicle. So I cut a couple of these down to fit.

I plan to get some scissor gangways from CPL (they are GWR but hopefully can adapt them into something that looks NBRish…) so I wont solder these in until I know what I don’t need to do to fit them with the support pieces that are currently inside the openings.


IMG_5535 (800x777) IMG_5536 (723x800)Readers of the whole thread will recall that on the Kemilway’s there are some really nice cast door knobs. I didn’t have any spare and although I am sure that Peter Dawson would sell me some if I asked, I decided to see if I could make some. I got a couple of short handrail knobs fitted a piece of brass wire through to fill the hole and then soldered it in. I then filed it until it was round again and then filed the top flat and it looks pretty good, bearing in mind how small they actually are!

IMG_5537 (560x411)