NBR D71 BG Revised Underframe layout

Following on from my last update Bill Bedford posted on the LNER forum that I had got the battery boxes in the wrong place and that the NBR didn’t use threads/nuts on their queen posts – apparently the bottoms of the queen posts are curved and the rod is continuous from turnbuckle to turnbuckle sitting in the curve. The reason that the battery boxes were in the wrong place is that the split box is split to allow a support rod to pass between them across the width of the coach from one queen post to the other.

So I sat it for a couple of days doing other bits and pieces – trying to make my own turnbuckles. Which turned out to be a dismal failure. I made a jig to bend the rod to shape and cutting short lengths of tube was no problem but soldering them together was a complete no no. I made a couple of jigs and even tried using the microflame and tiny bits of solder. Despite blackening the jig all I got for my pain and 4 hours of trying was it all soldered to the jig or stuck to the soldering iron as I tried to go in and out very swiftly.

So back to plan A where I buy them.

After wasting most of yesterday with the turnbuckles I did manage to get the battery rearranged and the queen posts modified to this stage.

IMG_5551 (800x533) IMG_5552 (800x533) IMG_5553 (800x533) IMG_5554 (800x533)