Still being Foxey…..

The bogies trundle slowly forward, doing 4 at a time means a lot of repetitive tasks before appearing to get anywhere.

All the axles boxes have been soldered up and their face plates added etc. I test fit them in their respective bogies and then hit a snag.

These are the axle boxes – cruel close ups

IMG_5589 (705x564) IMG_5590 (714x565)

And these are the frames

IMG_5583 (800x533)

IMG_5584 (800x717)


The axle boxes for the Kemilway bogies slide right to the top of the horn guides but the Newbould ones hit the curved cut out for the bearing. Struggling to understand this I moved on with other things and emailed Peter Dobson. Peter replied and explained that this was an anomaly that was due to him using a similar design to his Gresley bogies where the bearing cut out is to accommodate compensation. Whereas these particular bogies are not design to be compensated.

His suggested solution is as follows.

IMG_5591 (714x565)

The suggestion is to cut of the area marked in red and either stick on or solder the axle box in place making them rigid. I am going to go further with the Kemilway bogies first to see if I can pick up any tips that might help to compensate these – albeit the Kemilway ones have a phosphor bronze spring plate for their compensation.