Still Bogie’ing along

Having got as far as fitting the bolster to the bogie frames last night I hit another minor snag with the Newbould bogies. The Kemilway bogies are designed that you can have one fixed with a little play and one that pivot’s from side to side. This is done via the three holes in the side of the bolster frames. The newbould bogies have the same holes so I attempted to duplicate the Kemilway set up and found that the fold down “wings” that have the three holes in the bogie frame are slightly too long and need a couple of mm taking of each side.

Newbould Fox Bogie Etch (800x548)

Now that I know on the rest that I have for other projects I will take it off while the bogies are still flat with a piercing saw – on the assembled bogies I had a to do it more crudely with the Dremel and a slitting disk. Thankfully it is tucked up out of the way and cannot be seen on the finished bogie.