7mm Scale D&S GCR-LNER CCT

The gas tank wagon has joined the queue for transfers and frustratingly so still not having confirmation of my house completion date, I looked through the wagon kit stash for something else that wouldn’t require too much in the way of thinking.

I plumped for a D&S GCR CCT. This is one of only 3 D&S kits that I have managed to get my hands on to date (if you don’t count sunday night’s eBay bargain of a D&S ECJS 45′ BG for £81.55! – promptly stash away as a Christmas/Birthday pressie by Chris).

For a kit that has been around some time it is nicely detailed although the instructions leave a little to be desired.

The first thing that I noticed was the absence of a roof (the kit refers to a sheet of plastic that is absent from my 2nd hand kit). So having picked up a tip from Chaz Harrison on how to make clip in roofs’ I decided to have a go at his method. – How it works will be detailed as I go along, but first off while everything was in the flat I made up some roof formers/supports from pieces of scrap etch.


Then I detailed the ends lot’s of etched strapping to add – there are still some cast whitemetal blocks to go in the half etch rectangles but I will leave these until later so they don’t drop off as I solder the body together.