In between progressing the lime wagon last weekend I also finished painting my last Skytrex wagon load which is a set of pipes.
Skytrex Wgon Load - Ceramic Pipe s Skytrex Wgon Load - Ceramic Pipe s
I have struggled to get some decent photos that show that they do actually look like ceramic pipes – achieved by painting them with artists acrylic terracotta (which I managed to get to spray without problem by thinning with Tamiya thinners). This was then painted with a couple of layers of Johnsons clear to get that deep sheen that you get on glazed ceramic pipes.
I may need to scratch build a pipe wagon (if I can find a shortish prototype – the load is designed to fit a 10′ wagon). I have a Connoisseur Pipe wagon kit in the stash but having looked at the size of one when built up this load would be dwarfed by it I think.