NBR-LNER 4 Plank Open Wagon

Despite having failed miserably with the tar tank transfers I had more success with the NBR open.
To ad a little variety I decided to do this one in NBR livery – according to Tatlow it seems that quite a few NBR wagons made it to the mid 30’s still in NBR livery (that and I have a few sets of NBR transfers and it would be a shame not to use any of them).
Parkside NBR 4 Plank Open Wagon Parkside NBR 4 Plank Open Wagon Parkside NBR 4 Plank Open Wagon
Further following the photo in Tatlow I even managed to find some small enough black transfers to add the paint date in the crescent.
Parkside NBR 4 Plank Open Wagon
I have tried several methods to get weathered but unpainted wood for wagon interiors and this is the one that I am most happy with so far. I had an exchange of emails with Bob Alderman after seeing his superbly weathered cattle wagon on the guild gallery. Bob’s suggested method was build up lots of dry brushing, this was done with various shades of bleached bone, rotting flesh etc. before being finished with a wash of much diluted Dark Sea Grey.
I just need to finish weathering the outside now, more of the same…