More improvements to Kirk Bogies

When fellow modellers came along to see me when I was demoing at Pontefract show, the parts that I was cutting were some brakes for my Kirk coach bogies

Once glued together (5 layers) they came out looking like this.
Apologies for the poor photo, white on white isn’t the best combination

Silhouette cut brakes for Kirk Bogies

The demo must have been well received because I have also been asked to demo at Telford as well as Doncaster this year.
Not much modelling got done last week due to having a busy week compounded by minor surgery, but over the weekend the Mojo returned and I made progress on the twinset.

Scratch built Bolster Springs for Kirk Bogies

The first bogie now has it’s bolster springs an I have the parts prepared to fit to the other two. I did end up having to remove the bolster frame to fit the springs so a lesson learned.
I also managed to get three of the ends attached to their respective sides. The fourth one needs cutting down for the narrower brake end.