In between finishing off my shelf queens I have also been messing about with making a few wagon loads.
I started by wanting to make some pipes. Having looked around for something suitable and finding nothing I raided the recycle box, taking out a couple of tins that canned tomatoes came in. Using a pair of snips I cut down the side and chopped the bottom and the rim off.
Then I ran them through my rolling bars to flatten it out so that I could mark it up. Once it was flat I squared the edges and marked each one into 3 sections. I cut them out and re-rolled them into smaller diameter tubes. The two cans yielding 6 tubes. I held them together with wire and soldered them with a roll of plumbers solder that I had kicking about the bench (I only used this because I still wasn’t sure how well they would turn out and I had got this for nothing so would lose nothing if they still ended up in the recycle box).
Once soldered I gave them a wash and a blow over with some Halfords grey primer and this was the result.
 Wagon loads 003 Wagon loads 006
The next one is nothing more scientific than one of the small cans that Pilchards come in. This just had the top and bottom taken out and a coat of primer.
 Wagon loads 002
Last up for the moment is from one of my never through anything away because it might be useful stock.
The idea came about from a photo on Paul Barlett’s wagon site that I stumbled upon when researching the pipe wagons – a wagon load of cable drums.
With the mental light bulb on I remembered that when making up the base boards for the layout I had cut a series of holes in the ends for the wiring to pass through.
To make these holes I used a hole cutting saw which left me some nice round sections of plywood that I had hoarded. Taking some of these pieces I sanded the edges down to smooth out a small rim where I had drilled from both sides. Then I stuck some cut down matches to the edges with pva to create the drum. I had picked up a large bag of matches from a craft shop some time ago with vague ideas and they have finally been used for something.
 Wagon loads 005
Regards Rob