Drawing up an interior

In between cleaning rust of my modelling tools I have done a little more at the drawing and will add a little more explanation.

First I will give the key to the line colours. You can draw the lines in any colour you want, it makes no difference as long as you know what you want from each line. The colours control the cut once you import the drawing into Silhouette Studio but more on that when we get there.
Crimson Red lines are lines that I will cut all the way through.
Dark Red lines will also be cut all the way through but ensure that the cutter blade makes a separate cut for these lines rather then them being a continuation of the crimson lines – in this case they are the tops and bottoms of the window cut outs. If you draw the windows as a square/rectangle they will cut fine most times but occasionally the cut tries to go go around the corner and you get some rounding so when I remember I do it long hand with four separate lines to make up the rectangle or square. As long as they are the same size you one need to do the one as you can select all the four sides and duplicate them to create more window openings without having to redraw them.
Green lines are score lines which will only be cut deep enough to show them as plank lines etc.
I also use dashed blue lines for marking where things are to be placed (such as strapping or end posts on wagons) but I don’t need any on this particular drawing.
Also note that Slaters have glazing in the upper half of the door whereas the GA has it planked so I will need to modify that when I start the build.