One step forward and two back, or that’s what it seems like

Another day spent mostly drawing up the internals. I have now finished them apart from drawing up a stove and oven – more on that later.
I have moved all the drawings from their original files/layers to fit on to two drawings each with a single layer for cutting. The first will be cut from 10 thou styrene and the second 20 thou.

The plan was to cut them this morning but that’s gone by the wayside after discovering that the pack of styrene sheet that I have with me only contains the stuff that is too thick to go through the cutter… I have lots of it in storage so I am not going to buy any more, I will just crack on with other things until I can go out again.
I did get the veranda end fitted last night though so the next job is to add the canvas to the roof.

You may be getting overloaded with photos showing minute levels of progress. This is because I am also taking the opportunity to play about with my new camera and it’s ability to be remote controlled via wifi.
Finally for this post, a return the stove and oven discussion. 
Slaters do a really nice cast pot bellied type stove which I have used in a few of my builds but it’s to an LMS design (I think). The LNER stoves are completely different being flat planes – see the snip below.

While having an online discussion with a friend he mentioned that he had GA’s for the LNER stove and oven should I have a desire to make one. He duly sent them over and now has come the time to at least draw one up. I will probably do it in Inkscape but it might even be the push needed to get me to learn to draw in 3D so that I could print a master for subsequent casting.