David Andrews Princess Royal – Still working on fitting the boiler

As sometimes happens I had a little distraction from levelling up the boiler. While stripping the firebox off to adjust it to get it to sit down snugly, I noted that I hadn’t fitted parts 74E and 74F which are ‘L’ shaped rivet strips that fit around the rear splashers. I thought it best to fit them while I had the firebox off. Just to catch out the unwary, these are supposed to be handed but are in fact etched the same hand.

I did think about trying to press out the rivets from the face side so that I could use it upside down on the opposite hand but because its half etched, it made centring the rivet press on the half-etched rivets very difficult. In the end it was much easier to cut the leg off the ‘L’ and add it as two separate parts. Actually, you can barely see the joint when looking from above so it should be almost invisible from the ¾ side view once painted.

David Andrews Princess Royal – Spot the cut line

Then I took a little more off the firebox arches where they clear the rear splashers to get the firebox to sit properly on the footplate.

David Andrew Princess Royal – Firebox fully seated.
David Andrews Princess Royal – Boiler front still needs to come down a smidgin

I also took a little more off the left hand middle splasher which has centred the boiler but it’s still a little high at the front. More needed off both sides.

David Andrews Princess Royal – Trimming more from the middle splasher has the boiler centred but not quite level yet.