The A3 see’s the light of day

In between working on other project I have been doing a bit more towrds finishing the A3. I have fixed a few bits on the chassis – a loose spring hanger, one of the slide bar supports and added the front sand pipes.

I have also done quite a bit at the backhead. Getting it finished and ready to fit into the cab

A3 001

A3 002


The steam hose on the pictures above I scratch built to replace the cast offering that came with the kit below. I made it from a Connoisseur Models Clack valve casting that I cross drilled to fit a cast hand wheel from Hobbyhorse and the hose itself is a length  of 24 gauge soft brass beading wire bound with 32 gauge brass beading wire and soldered.

A3 003


What I hadn’t reckoned on was the fact that there is no way that I can get it into the cab without taking the roof off – which is soldered on.

Now you might think that this is a bit drastic but having slept on it I think that it’s for the better – I had a go at lining one side of the cab and I wasn’t entirely happy with it so into the paint stripper it has gone.

To be continued when the paint has come off.