More on the D114

While I haven’t posted much with my laptop dying I have made further progress.

I have taken the D114 as far as I wanted to without the other bits from Kemilway. They duly arrived last week (all apart from some wire and some bolts).

Here’s where I got to. I also started the second coach and I have the floor pan folded up and the sides ready for the tumble home forming – I haven’t taken pictures because it’s more of the same.

The roof is just resting on at the moment because it’s the long roof bolts that I am still waiting for.
IMG_5511 (800x533) IMG_5513 (800x533) IMG_5514 (800x533)

I soldered some tabs on the back of the gangway board so that it’s removable if I want to have the coach in the middle of a rake.

IMG_5515 (800x454) IMG_5516 (800x534) IMG_5517 (800x800)