Starting to add the detail to the underframe

Moving slowly forward with this one although I am almost at the point where I can’t go any further until I get some more detailed photos which I have hopefully on the way.

Both upper step boards are now on and soldered in place and the battery boxes are all in place.

IMG_5541 (800x580) IMG_5540 (800x533) IMG_5539 (800x533) IMG_5538 (800x357)

I also soldered some pieces of scrap etch into the holes left by the V hangers/battery box ends etc – a pet hate of mine is holes in the floor especially when the vehicle has windows….

The queen posts as provided are half etched at the ends of the posts and are a little two dimensional – albeit they would be very easy to solder a length of rod to for the truss rods. I decided to do it the hard way. The reason for this is that the Kemilway truss rods are flat etches and I want something a bit more 3D so I thought that I would experiment on options on this one.
IMG_5542 (800x494) IMG_5543 (800x476)

First I threaded some short lengths of 0.9mm rod 14ba and then soldered them to the back of the queen post etches. I then got some Markits 4mm scale crank pin washers and filed a V slot in opposite sides and file a corresponding V on the ends of some 1mm rod. I had to make a template on some scrap paper to get the lengths right. The first one needed a bit of tweaking but the second was right first go.

You will also notice that I had to beef up the tabs on the queen post etch to fill the holes in the floorpan…….