Painting and Lining

As a bit of a break from construction I have had a couple of days doing some painting.

Just after the new year I went along to Warren Haywood’s house (Warren is another resident of Wakefield). Warren had kindly offered to give me some hints and tips on painting and lining (for those of you who don’t know Warren’s work, Warren is a professional model painter who paints for among others Tower Models and Finescale Brass).

When we arranged it Warren suggested that I take along my bow pens, bow compasses etc. so that he could try them out and suggest which may need attention (or throwing away :lol:). I also took along the tender for the A3 working on the theory that if I needed something to practice on that could be it.

Once he had tested my pens etc. Warren kindly suggested that he line the red and white of one side of the tender to give me something to work to when I started myself – As you might imagine I jumped at the opportunity.

Yesterday I had a go at the other side.

A3 Tender lining

I am sure that you can work out that the top image is Warrens fine work, while that below is mine. My mlines are not quite as fine as Warrens in places but that said I am quite pleased with the result, and as someone else once remarked – you cant see both sides at once 😀