LSWR Brake vans part 9

Connoisseur LSWR Brake vans – roofs

More work on the workshop has reduced modelling time somewhat but a little progress has been made on the brake vans. A lot of progress has been made on the workshop with my spray booth now fitted and vented externally and for the first time my Mini Formit (guillotine/folder/rolling bars) are permanently bolted to the bench and following Pete’s post I had another look at the alignment of the blade and anvil and had a lightbulb moment. Unseen previously, underneath the front edge of the anvil are two adjustment screws which push the anvil against the blade. Once I slackened the retaining screws and then used the adjustment screws the blade now sits tight against the anvil and it will happily cut shim so although I haven’t tested it yet it should cut the 10 thou nickel and brass sheets that it previously just bent down between anvil and blade.
To help with the location of the roofs I cut a strip of brass sheet (scrap etch) and then curved and  scored it to represent the planking above the verandas. These were soldered to the underside of the roofs.

Next theĀ  roofs were covered in lense cleaning tissue to represent the canvas and finally the chimneys soldered on.

Connoisseur LSWR Brake Vans – Canvas Roof
Connoisseur LSWR Brake Vans – Canvas Roof