David Andrews Princess Royal – Injectors

I am working my way along the chassis adding the remaining details as I go. Two quite prominent features are the injectors. The kit included a nice brass casting for the live steam injector. This just needed some of the ‘pipes’ extending so that I can attach it more securely. 

David Andrews Live Steam Injector Casting

The exhaust injector was another matter as I couldn’t find a casting for it so I had to buy one in. I had a look on Ragstone and LG Miniatures and the LG one seemed nearest to what I needed. Living out in the sticks as I do I was most impressed that I ordered it on Monday morning and it arrived yesterday lunchtime.

LG Miniatures Davies and Metcalf J Type Live Steam Injector

This is what you get from Laurie and the image below is what I need it to look like.

To completely misquote Eric Morecambe, ‘Most of the right bits, but not necessarily in the right order’.

Sadly this means a bit of butchery is in order to get pipes facing the right way and one pipe joint that needs removing. The hardest thing about doing things like this is actually holding things to work on them. Luckily there are plenty of holes and spigots on the casting so a bit of work on a few offcuts of brass later and we have a few handles soldered on temporarily.

LG Miniatures Davies and Metcalf J Type Live Steam Injector split into parts for reshaping

The small hex nut fitting is a part on one end that wasn’t present in any of the castings, so I filed a hex on the end of a bit of rod and turned the spigots on it.

More to follow when I have it back to together.