David Andrews Princess Royal – Exhaust Injector Reassembly

This morning saw the injector back in one piece with all the right notes in the right order – for this loco at least.

DA Princess Exhaust Injector Reassembly
DA Princess Exhaust Injector Reassembly

This was the set up for attaching the copper pipework using my RSU and cheapo self locking tweezers.

Set up for soldering in the pipework to the injector.

I do have one thing to work out and that’s the bracket below. There are etched slots in the rear frame assembly for it but I am not sure at the minute how it attaches to the injector itself to allow it to mount. The other bracket which I have already attached is quite visible in the photo above to no issues with that one.

Mounting bracket?

I also see from the photo that I need to clean up the etching cusp from it too if I plan to use it.