David Andrews Princess Royal – Sandpipes

Well things have moved on somewhat since my last post on the subject. I did get the injectors fitted though.

DA Princess Live Steam Injector
DA Princess Exhaust Stem Injector

Then I moved onto the sandpipes which are almost the last bits for the chassis (unless I find something that I have missed. I say almost because there are also the bottom halves of the sandbox fillers to fit to the chassis, they are split at footplate level.

DA Princess Sandpipe Brackets

I started with the brackets which come as a hockey stick shaped etch. Looking at photos they need to be bent into handed pairs. where they fit around either side of the wheel.

DA Princess Eight Sandpipe Brackets bent to shape

Next in order to make the fittings for where they pass through the brackets and combine with the steam pipes I soldered two different diameter microbore tubes together.

Various tubes to make sandpipe fittings

I cut half a dozen lengths at 2.5mm and another eight at 1mm using a pin chuck a ruler and a piercing saw
I also created a hex on some thick walled tube to make nuts from. Again cutting lengths off with the piercing saw

DA Princess Sandpipes

From all the photos that I have, there are only six sand pipes fitted so I have two spare brackets.
In the photo below you can see the assembly order of the various bits of tube, bracket and nut. I will have to trim all the pipe ends to the same length

DA Princess Sandpipe

I also managed to get the frame section of the sandbox fillers fitted too but I haven’t taken any photos of that so far.