GNR D114 Composite

I moved on a little with this last night.

The next step or rather the previous step (it should have been done before fitting the panels to the sides) was to fit the bulkheads/toilet partitions. This is where reading all the instructions first pays off. The instructions for the body would have you fit the bulkheads/toilet partitions while building the body but then when you get to the interior the instructions have you fitting doors and the very nice cast door knobs. This would have been a much bigger and messier job to have done when the coach body was assembled so I chose to add the doors and door knobs in the flat.

The detail on the inside of the toilet compartment its quite something – the only thing missing is that there isn’t quite enough door knobs provided to add them on the inside of the toilet door.

GNR D114 001

Above is the inside of the toilet compartment at one end – I didn’t get the last partition in last night.

GNR D114 002

The inside of the vestibule showing the door knobs on both sides of the door.

GNR D114 006

GNR D114 003

One side of the door – the additional etch.

GNR D114 005

And the other side which is etched as part of the bulkhead.

GNR D114 008

Lastly a close up of the other toilet partition show the door knob in all it’s glory!