Update on the Cab for the A3

Yesterday I decided to take the cab back out of the paint stripper – I have been checking it and to be honest I could have taken it out some time ago but I was distracted by coaches.

First let me share with you what I used to strip it – Cheapo local Coop Dettol substitute. I got the idea from fellow Gauge O Guild member George T, I would have used proper Dettol like George does but when I went they only had their own brand. In the end it too worked fine, nice smell, easy on your hands win/win with the household authorities!

IMG_5493 (533x800)

So here are a few shots of the state of play now that I have taken the roof off.

IMG_5494 (800x743) IMG_5496 (800x683) IMG_5495 (800x509) IMG_5497 (800x717)

The cast roof vent came out and one of the round castings in the cab side came adrift too so I will need to remove the false floor which shouldn’t present too many problems. Now having seen the detail that Nick has added to the princesses cabs I am on the lookout for cab detail before I put it all back together.


Regards Rob