More cattle wagons

Sometime back on the workbench 3 Slaters Midland cattle wagons made an appearance. Since painting and transfers were added they have languished in the cupboard awaiting weathering, buffers and couplings to be added. in the intervening time I have either lost or used the couplings that came with the kits – one set I think was binned because the kit was so old the coupling hook was pressed steel. I replaced these with some Premier components couplings and got around to weathering them. One of the biggest jobs was loading them with cattle which in 7mm scale can work out quite expensive. Slaters do some nice cast ones that you have to solder together and I had managed to collect a few of these but the cheapest that I managed was £9 for three -Ouch! In the meantime I was reading one of the threads on RMWeb and someone commented that they had used Britain 1/32 scale calves to good effect as cattle in 7mm scale. A quick look on eBay found some at £6 for six much better to my tight fisted Yorkshire mind 😆 so I ordered a couple of packs to see what could be made of them. Having painted them and added them to the wagons they make a reasonable representation of heifers so they will do for me. I have added one of Slaters in each wagon to add a bit of weight and I am quite please with the overall effect. If I am totally honest each wagon could have used at least another one or two to fill them but I can live with them as they are. I had a go at making it look as if some of the canvas had come off showing the roof laths underneath but I am not entirely convinced that I have made convincing job of it….

IMG_6335 IMG_6332 IMG_6333 IMG_6334 IMG_6326 IMG_6327 IMG_6328 IMG_6329 IMG_6330 IMG_6331

And finally the three together….

s IMG_6324