Slaters Midland/LMS 10 Ton Brake van

A pleasant surprise when checking my remaining leave – 10 days left when I thought that I had only 2 meant that I took three days leave this week. We took a chance and went up to Bishop Auckland for a few days and having had a nice trip out on Wednesday morning we got back at lunchtime and within 10 minutes of getting in the house a blizzard started that left us with upwards of 4″ of snow by Thursday morning. It was very pleasant to sit at the bech and do some modelling while the weather did it’s worst outside.

First up I put the transfers on the Midland 10 ton Brake van using one of the two photo’s in Essery’s Midland wagons tomes.

Slaters MR 10 Ton Brake Van Slaters MR 10 Ton Brake Van

Next up is glazing and then weathering – this will be another that is well towards the end of it’s life…..