Gresley Coach Bogies, Newbould 8′ and ABS/Cavalier 8’6″

This weekend saw the bogies completed and primed. I had initially struggled to work out how to get the ABS Cavalier bogies together and an email to Adrian had him suggesting the addition of bit’s of welding rod to strengthen them. Having discussed the matter with Don we agreed that if I couldn’t get them together then I would use the Kirk bogies supplied instead.

Lo and behold when I looked again at them yesterday morning it all became clear and they were assembled in no time. There was minimal flash and I just had to file the ends of the bogie sides where they fit into the ends ever so slightly to remove a gap.

On the Newbould bogies shown mostly complete earlier I adjusted the springs that I had wrong to sit under the spring stops, then added the bolsters and the brakes. Both sets had a good wash and then a squirt with primer.

I will leave this until next week to harden completely before putting on the top coat of black.

Newbould and ABS-Cavalier Gresley Bogies

Newbould 8′ on the left, ABS/Cavalier 8’6″ on the right.

Newbould Models Gresley Bogie

Newbould 8′

ABS-Cavalier Gresley Bogie

ABS/Cavalier 8’6″ – and of course I see from the photos that I need to add some handles to the axle box fronts…

Newbould and ABS-Cavalier Gresley Bogies