Gladiator B16-1 lot’s of little details

It seems like a while since I updated this thread so it must have been a good holiday.
Time has been spent since getting back on the little things that take time and don’t seem to evidence much progress but all add to the overall picture.
I have started looking at the upperworks starting with the cab fittings. A lot of the detail is cast on to the backhead and there are some castings supplied. Sadly a lot of the detail is a bit low relief so I suspect that I will remove and remake most of it.
I add some fine brass wire to the gauges

Gladiator B16-1 Gauges

I also made up some washout plug bases these are two layers of brass with a stub of square section brass inserted. The plan is that this will be soldered behind the holes in the firebox and then half etched surrounds soldered over them. A length of square section was included in the box but I am unsure as to whether this comes with the kit or it was provided by the owner.

Gladiator B61-1 – scratch built washout plugs

I also soldered the elbow provided onto a length of tube for the vacuum ejector pipe.