Connoisseur J79 – A few more body details

A session last night saw further details added to the body.
The coal rails were fitted and a plated infill added. My reading on the subject has revealed that they were plated over right from being built. Jim supplies them as open rails. A piece of scrap etch provided the infill.

J79 – Plated in Coal rails.

Handrails both sides were fitted but they needed bushing with a bit of tube over the base of the handrail knob to fill the slightly oversized holesĀ  – of course I then had to enlarge the holes again to get them to fit with the tube in place.

In the instructions (like many of his kits) Jim suggests the use of split pins instead of handrail knobs. For the J79, looking at the photos I have, it seems that handrail knobs are a better fit to the real thing than split pins would be.

J79 Handrails fitted.

Finally the piano front was fitted after filing a piece of rod in the Dremel to make the quite visible knob for it.

J79 Piano Front