NBR Brake Van Lettered and Glazed.

Wow another 2 post day!

Another that has had it’s finishing touches is the NBR Brake van. This too presented a few challenges on the transfer front but it came out all right in the end.

NBR Brake Van 016

I even managed to glaze the duckets without too much difficulty despite them being a solid casting and no way in from the inside of the van. I have tried and failed to show with the photo below that you can actually see through them and out each end of the ducket. I used some 1mm perpex which I cut in to a 12mm strip from which I cut further strips 2.5mm wide. I filed the ends round and kept filing top and bottom until they were a tight fit. Once they were wedged in I ran some Johnsons clear over them to help them to stick.

NBR Brake Van 015 NBR Brake Van 014 NBR Brake Van 013 NBR Brake Van 012 NBR Brake Van 011

The rest of the windows are glazed with microscope cover slips from CPL stuck in with PVA. What I like about using PVA to stick them in is that any you get on the windows themselves can be cleaned off once dry with a bit of water on a cotton bud. But if you don’t do too good a job it looks like dirty windows.